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Esport teams in college are still dominated by men. 

Mar 16 2021

Esport teams in college are still dominated by men. YPulse’s Gaming report found that 48% of 13-39-year-old females consider themselves a gamer. However, the ESA reports that college esports teams are still primarily male: male gamers hold 90% of hold roster spots in esport leagues, and nearly 89% of esports scholarships are going to male players. Only 8% of college esport players are women. According to a few analysts, the college esports world is still full of gender-based harassment, toxic masculinity, and stereotyping and prejudices, inevitably leading to the disparities. According to data from the Sport Management Review, male gamers are 20% more likely to engage in hostile actions like insulting, cursing, and belittling other gamers. (AP NewsThe Conversation)