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Cooking videos (and “Instagrammable” cookware) were a “small savior” for quarantined young consumers. 

Dec 22 2020

Cooking videos (and “instagrammable” cookware) were a “small savior” for quarantined young consumers. During lockdowns, young people have entertained themselves by experimenting with different food and bev trends, and YPulse’s Comfort in the Kitchen trend report found that 35% of 13-39-year-olds watch online videos as a source for recipes. According to YouTube, “cook with me” videos more than “doubled” in popularity since March and maintained that growth through October. Many hosts noticed a surge in views and engagement as the pandemic persisted. On platforms like Twitch, chefs and home cooks broadcasted themselves live from the kitchen, while users on TikTok shared videos preparing dishes in under a minute. Meanwhile, “Instagrammable” cookware became popular among young consumers: Colorful Le Creuset pots were all over TikTok, startup brand Our Place’s “Always Pan” was everywhere on Instagram, and direct-to-consumer sites like Great Jones, Caraway, Made In, and more saw a surge in business for their colorful dinnerware. (The VergeVox)