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Retail executives are “dangerously out of touch” with shoppers’ digital habits. 

Dec 09 2020

Retail executives are “dangerously out of touch” with shoppers’ digital habits. According to research from First Insight, senior retail executives “aren’t as attuned to shoppers’ developing needs as they should be.” Only two-fifths of consumers plan to shop in-store this season, but 59% of retail leadership reported they anticipated foot traffic. Just 16% of leadership said they believed shoppers will shop for apparel exclusively online, but nearly one-third of consumers report that this is their plan. Most retail executives (97%) thought most shoppers would go for luxury products during the holidays, but almost two-fifths of shoppers say they had no intention to. YPulse’s Holiday Shopping report found that 53% of 13-39-year-olds planned to do most of their shopping online—a new retail reality many execs clearly aren’t prepared for. (Sourcing Journal)