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Emerging young artists are turning to “TikTok marketing companies” to get record deals. 

Aug 14 2020

Emerging young artists are turning to “TikTok marketing companies” to get record deals. It’s no secret that TikTok has played a major part in helping young artists go viral, and has transformed how music is marketed. After all, the platform did spawn all of this year’s songs of the summer. That’s why in recent years instead of going directly to music companies themselves, young musicians have turned to digital marketing and management firms like Against the Grain (ATG) for help. When Mason Rupper (a.k.a MASN) debuted his single “Psycho!” last year, he earned thousands of streams a day thanks to the help of ATG who came up with viral dance challenges and video ideas on the app exclusively for the song. After fielding several offers from major labels, MASN signed a deal with RCA. During the pandemic, ATG and similar companies have been in high demand and are becoming “increasingly influential in a music industry that depends on digital platforms” to reach young fans. In March, the company ran around 160 digital marketing campaigns for labels and artists. (Rolling Stone)