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For Gen Z, classic summer jobs have become a “nostalgic relic of the past.” 

Jul 23 2020

For Gen Z, classic summer jobs have become a “nostalgic relic of the past.” The pandemic has been upending teens’ rites of passages, and the “traditional summer job” is the latest one to be hit. With summer in full swing, many young people have been trying to take up seasonal gigs to save up for rent and school costs, but are discovering that working at a “cute local ice shop” or as a “lifeguard at a pool,” and mirroring what teens do in TV shows and movies is becoming rare. Since the Great Recession, the number of teens working summer jobs has dropped significantly—and according to a new report from Drexel University’s Center for Labor Markets and Policy, the teen summer employment rate is expected to be at its lowest at 23% this year. (Vox)