Case Study - Intel


Make us more relevant among consumers under 30.


Ypulse produced Intel-internal Millennial education immersion sessions as well as the contextual fodder for a breakthrough reverse-mentoring program. Ongoing, Ypulse’s consulting team uses our SurveyU community to tap into Intel’s consumer target, delivering monthly briefings that support Intel’s Millennial IQ.


Developed creative guardrails for Intel marketing teams. Monthly briefings provide fodder that allow mentor (Millennial employees at Intel) and mentee (senior executives at Intel) to have meaningful interactions, including specific “what it means for Intel” guidance from Ypulse that map generationally-driven culture, trends and technology shifts directly to Intel’s business goals and objectives.

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What do you need to know? From new cultural trends to shifting behaviors, when you need more than our Ypulse Dashboard, let our team of researchers help you make sure you are prepared for how Millennials are changing YOUR business.

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