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Does Gen Z Use Facebook?

Everyone knows that Millennials love Facebook, but how many Gen Z are actually using the platform today? 


  • While Facebook appears to be a top platform among young consumers overall, it’s really thanks to Millennials (especially parents)
  • Gen Z uses the platform primarily because that’s where content from their family is, but not for much else
  • Facebook Marketplace is the most popular feature Facebook offers among young users

Facebook was the social network (pun intended) to be on when Millennials were growing up; its popularity boomed largely because of them, and as they’ve gotten older, the platform has still relied on them as users. Gen Z, on the other hand, may have had access to Facebook at a young age, but were quick to jump on Instagram when it first came out, and even quicker to drive TikTok usage into the platform it is today. So, while Facebook once ruled amongst few platforms, it’s become the oldest, most ubiquitous social platform, and a place where Boomers spend their time—which is to say, boring to Gen Z.  

For brands, it’s important to know exactly which young consumers they’re reaching on each of their social platforms (and which young people even want to see brand content on). When it comes to Facebook, most may assume they have every Millennial and hardly any Gen Z, but YPulse data shows that some Gen Zs are using the platform, though the site is most dominant among older Millennials, and especially the population of Millennial parents: 

Bar chart showing how many Gen Z and Millennials use Facebook, split by age group and Millennial parents

The majority of Gen Z are not, in fact, using Facebook 

YPulse data shows 60% of all young people use Facebook, but that high usership is driven primarily by older Millennials and especially Millennial parents. Millennials (turning 40 this year, and currently 22-39-years-old in our data) name Facebook as their favorite social media platform, and it’s currently their most popular, with 67% of this gen using the platform. Meanwhile, less than half (46%) of Gen Z overall say they are Facebook users.  

And given that there is no increase in Facebook usership in 18-20-year-olds from 13-17-year-olds, our data shows that Facebook usership is not something Gen Z seems to pick up with time. So while some may be wondering if Facebook usage will increase as they get older, they may simply never be a majority user base. Gen Z has not been shy to voice their disdain for the platform and poke fun at its users on their more used platforms. In fact, our data shows that the primary type of content they’re looking for on the platform is posts from their family (73%), far more than any other kind, including posts from friends (36%). For the younger gen, Facebook is simply where their family members are, while they look for content from their friends more often on Instagram (70%) or Snapchat (71%). 

When Millennials open Facebook content from family is the top kind they want to see there, but it’s followed closely by content from their friends. And nearly half of Millennials say they want to see memes / viral content on Facebook—compared to only 33% of Gen Z, showing this platform has maintained its relevancy with Millennials’ humor. But they’re open to seeing branded content, too, as YPulse’s Social and Mobile Marketing Preferences report shows Facebook is tied with YouTube for the top social platform Millennials are open to seeing ads on. (Gen Z is half as likely to say so, and far prefers their ads on TikTok and Instagram.) 

But other than looking at updates from their families, what are Gen Z and Millennials using Facebook for? YPulse data shows which features young consumers on the platform are using most:  

Bar chart showing which Facebook features Gen Z, Millennial, and Millennial parent Facebook users use

Facebook Marketplace is by far the most popular feature the platform offers 

It turns out secondhand shopping is one of the top activities that both Gen Z and Millennials are engaging with on Facebook. Among Facebook users, Facebook Marketplace is by far the most used feature (outside the separate Facebook Messenger platform, which 46% of all Millennials and 25% of all Gen Z use). More than half of Millennial parents say they use Facebook Marketplace, 45% of Millennials overall, and it’s Gen Z users’ top pick as well at 29% using it. YPulse data has long shown young consumers are interested in social shopping, but Facebook Marketplace stands apart for not being a brand-based space like shopping is on other social media platforms. Instead, Marketplace gives them the opportunity to shop secondhand, locally, and typically at a bargain price all from their phone. For parents, it’s an easy way to find other families selling kids’ products like toys and even furniture at a discount price that aids their tight budgets.  

Millennial parents, the most likely to be users of Facebook in general, are most likely to be users of all the other features it offers as well. Behind Marketplace (significantly behind, at that), they’re most likely to be users of Facebook Stories, Facebook Live, check-ins, and private groups. Meanwhile, even amongst Gen Z who use Facebook, only a minority are likely to use any of these features, showing their accounts are potentially no more than a formality meant to check in with family once in a while.