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TikTok Challenges & Trends Are All Over The Viral List

From a purple shampoo challenge to dancing to angry voicemails, everything viral this week seemed to be on TikTok—and brands are benefitting…


1. Teen Girls Love This Purple Shampoo Challenge

A TikTok challenge is putting the spotlight on a $10 bottle of drugstore shampoo. According to Nylon, the #PurpleShampooChallenge is trending with teens on the platform, thanks to the belief that using Clairol’s Professional Shimmer Lights shampoo on dry hair will either turn their hair “icy blonde” or give it a purple tint. It does neither, but that hasn’t stopped young female users from posting their efforts. Clips with the hashtag are racking up millions of views—even while some make fun of the challenge itself. #PurpleShampoo currently has over 60- million views, while #purpleshampoochallenge has almost 4 million.

2. Dancing to Toxic Exes’ Voicemails Is The Weird, Empowering New TikTok Trend

The above isn’t the only offbeat, teen-girl fueled TikTok trend this week. Young female users have made headlines for posting videos of themselves dancing to angry voicemails from their exes. Yes, you read that right. In the clips, the rants, which include an angry diatribe about wearing leggings to school, are played as the “soundtrack” while the girls dance. While it might be strange, some, like Rolling Stone, are calling the fad “empowering.” The trend has gotten popular enough that new late-night host Lilly Singh recently aired her own take on it, dancing to the insulting YouTube comments from her haters.

3. Kind’s Crunch Challenge TikTok Success

According to AdAge, Kind is one of the first snack brands to create a presence on TikTok, and they’ve kicked it all off with a challenge. Their #kindsimplecrunchcontest asks users to post videos showing how crunchy the Simple Crunch Bar is. A Giphy sticker created for the effort is available to use, and the individual with the most plays will win a trip to New York and a year supply of the product. The brand also worked with TikTok creators like Zach King, Kombucha Girl, and Oven Mom to post their own content for the challenge. it is clearly paying off: The hashtag currently has over 21 million views on the platform, and the brand tells AdAge that 18 million were accrued in the first 24-hours.

4. Everyone Is Talking About The Hocus Pocus Sequel

Hocus Pocus is a Halloween tradition revered by Millennials—to this day it’s their favorite Halloween movie—and now a long awaited sequel is finally in the works. The news that Disney+ will be working on a follow-up to the ‘90s classic—available exclusively on the streaming service—set the internet ablaze. Though it might seem unusual that a sequel be created 25-years after the original release, the generation’s love of the film has kept it alive, and Disney Freeform airings at Halloween have won over young fans of the next generation. The original cast has publicly said that they are game to reprise their roles. The film is yet another example of how Disney is planning to use original content, and Gen Z and Millennial nostalgia, to bring viewers to their new platform.

5. Links We’re Passing

Kylie Jenner has trademarked “Rise & Shine” (which went viral last week, if you need a refresh), Popeye’s crazy-popular chicken sandwich is returning—but the “sexy” Halloween costume of the sold out menu item is here in the meantime (yup, seriously), a fast food moment is racking up views on TikTok thanks to a 10 patty Whataburger challenge, oh, and gory White Claw Halloween makeup is now a thing as well.