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Diverse & Divided: How Young People Really Feel About America Today

What are the next generations feeling about the country right now—and how much do they want brands to be involved in the political conversation?

Gen Z and Millennials are a new breed of Americans. As the election approaches, YPulse is exploring the current state of young consumers’ patriotism, political views, hopes for the country, and what it means for those who want to reach them. Our Kids in America trend is the first deep-dive into this complex topic. This exclusive research found these generations are ushering in new values, shifting the definition of “being American,” and that their views of the country are layered. While the majority feel lucky to live in the U.S., and see the nation as powerful, diverse, and a place of opportunity, they’re also feeling it’s divided, and are worried about the future of the country. Their anxiety about the state of the world is so significant that the majority say they are hesitant to have kids because of it.

Their political affiliations are being impacted by these views, with trust in established systems breaking down: over a third of young Americans say they don’t affiliate with any party, nearly as many as those who identify as Democrats. They also have clear ideas about whether brands should align with political groups, with the large majority seeing it as a major negative.

Download Kids in America to explore the full trend, or check out our infographic spotlight for a preview of the research here:

Download a pdf of the infographic here.
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