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What Spotify Knows About The Streaming Gen

Millennial research, Millennial insight, Millennial marketing, Gen Z research, Gen Z marketing, Gen Z insight, youth research, youth marketing

Millennials have changed the music industry irrevocably, and their streaming behavior has created new ways for brands to reach them. Ypulse’s research with Spotify dug into the role it plays in their lives, and what that means for marketers…

Music rules Millennials’ worlds. Three in five of young consumers tell Ypulse that they listen to music in their free time, more than those who say they watch TV, movies, or use social media. But because their phones are being used as a main music source, with 71% listening to music on their phones daily, their music library is always with them, making music not just a pastime, but an important ongoing part of their daily lives. Gone are the days of appointment listening, and music access in limited time frames. This has created a new landscape that marketers need to understand to reach young consumers through one of their biggest passions. Streaming is the way they consume music today—and Spotify is their top streaming source.

In 2017, Spotify commissioned Ypulse to survey 7,000 and qualitatively interview 600 Millennials across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Our research with Spotify uncovered the importance of streaming for this generation, who rely on streaming services more than any other group because of the role that music plays in their lives: it is a 24/7 soundtrack. Millennials are listening to music all the time, using it to enhance their days and soundtrack their lives. And because they are the Genreless Generation—less tied to one particular genre and more open to discovering new artists and songs—brands can no longer target these young consumers by categorizing them into niche interest groups. Instead, it’s the moments that they are listening to music, and the mood that accompanies those moments, that offer the biggest opportunities to reach them. From workdays to cleaning sessions to partying with friends, Millennials are turning to different kinds of tracks and music experiences to complement their activities. Ypulse’s research with Spotify identified the role music is playing for these young consumers, what those moments look like, and how marketers can best utilize these times to connect with Millennials. The infographic below showcases some of what we found, which can be explored further here on

Millennial research, Millennial insight, Millennial marketing, Gen Z research, Gen Z marketing, Gen Z insight, youth research, youth marketing

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