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Q4 2015 YPulse Trend Report: Genreless Generation, Social Media Illusion, Hispanic Millennial Snapshot

Dec 31 2015







It’s getting harder and harder to pin down the tastes of Millennials and teens. Take music. Where young consumers of previous generations might have felt most passionate about a single genre, today playlists are stacked with multiple genres, and 60% say they don’t primarily listen to one genre. But it’s not just about music. From fashion to identity and sexuality, young consumers today are not as interested in being labeled or falling into preexisting buckets. This is a genreless generation, more comfortable with blending and bending categories, and celebrating new combinations than ever before.


Social media is unquestionably a part of most young peoples’ lives, and the way they portray themselves online is a piece of their personality. Now, with many young consumers growing up with no memory of a pre-social media world, the illusion that social platforms provide has become second nature. They have become experts at carefully crafting the image they send out into the world. But some are wondering how real their online personas should be, and others are skewering the “perfection” that online branding allows them to portray. The social media illusion is being questioned.


Today’s young consumers are a massive consumer group, and though they may share many core characteristics, it’s important to look at the demographics that live within the generation. We survey Millennials every month, but when we look at the data, we are sure to zoom in on specific groups to find any differences that might exist. This report, we’re zooming in on Hispanic Millennials, to give you a full look at their behaviors from mobile to entertainment and more and highlight any ways they differ from their non-Hispanic peers.

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