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Infographic Snapshot: How Millennials & Gen Z Watched The Super Bowl

Mar 08 2018

We have the play-by-play on how young viewers tuned in for the Super Bowl, from how they watched the game to who they watched it with and more. We also asked why they watch the game in the first place, and some told us their primary reason wasn’t the game itself…

Despite the downfall of traditional TV, Millennial & Gen Z viewers continue to tune in live for what could be called the biggest sports broadcast event of the year: the Super Bowl. Digital natives aren’t just watching the action on the field though, they’re making it an event and having IRL get-togethers with their family and friends. Not only do their viewing habits reflect the fact that they’re meeting up in person to watch the game, but their spending does as well. The National Retail Federation predicted that fans would spend $15.3 billion on food, merch, and more with 25-34-year-olds leading the way spending an average of $118.43 per person. Eighty-two percent of those who planned on watching the game said they’re buying food and beverages and 8% planned to purchase decorations, according to MediaPost. Another reason they’re tuning in besides quality bonding time? The halftime show. Our stats show that halftime is increasingly a motivating factor for young viewers, sometimes more so than the sport itself. Not to mention the Super Bowl ads, which keep them tuned in from start to finish to see which ads rise above the clutter and which use their spot to take a political stance (we asked their thoughts on that as well). Find out more, as well as how young viewers watched, why the watched, and how they feel about the event, in our infographic snapshot: 


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