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The Burger Emoji Debate That Made Google Drop Everything Is On The Viral List

The internet’s raging debate over the burger emoji made Google “drop everything,” Beyoncé is Nala and people can’t handle it, retirement advice for Millennials freaks Twitter out, the iPhone X is racking up clicks, and more viral buzz from this week…


The Great Burger Emoji Debate of 2017

Last Saturday, Twitter user Thomas Baekdal‏ unintentionally started an international debate when he tweeted out an observation about different platforms’ burger emojis: Apple’s burger has the cheese on top of the burger, while Google positioned the cheese under the patty—an unforgivable sin according to many internet users. But don’t worry, Apple was deemed wrong as well: they placed the lettuce under the burger! Sound ridiculous? Seems like everyone was happy to have a harmless distraction, because the great burger emoji debate of 2017 made the news, and prompted Google’s CEO to promise the company would “drop everything” to fix the problem, if people could agree on the correct burger ingredient order. But of course it didn’t end there: Fox’s coverage of the emoji debate prompted major criticism, fast food chains weighed in, and Snapchat has been accused of trolling both Apple and Google with their own AR burger—all this week!

Beyoncé is Nala and the Internet Can’t Handle It

Disney has announced the cast of the live 2019 the Lion King movie—and it has given the internet life. Fans are overjoyed that Beyoncé has been cast as Nala, and their reaction filled social media with pure joy. While the entire cast is star-studded and noteworthy (with James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Seth Rogan as Pumbaa, and Jon Oliver as Zazu, just to name a few) Beyoncé has received the lion’s share of the attention. (Yes, we went there.) Oscar predictions began rolling in, anticipation for the soundtrack was noted, and reaction GIFs aplenty were shared. The film’s release is set for June 2019, and one Twitter user summed up the emotions of the social media crowd: “WHY IS SUMMER OF 2019 SO FAR AWAY #TheLionKing

Retirement Savings Advice Freaks Everyone Out

Millennials are screwed—according to them. This week, some retirement savings advice from financial guru Jean Chatzky earned some panicked reactions from the generation. Chatsky tweeted out, “By the time you’re 30, aim to have 1x your annual income set aside for retirement. At 40, 3x; at 50, 6x; at 60, 8x; and by retirement, 10x”–and Millennials in that 30-year-old age range freaked out. Reactions included inevitable avocado toast jokes, tongue in cheek jabs like “by the time you’re born, aim to have exceedingly wealthy parents. otherwise, die on your feet,” and the all-encompassing “WE’RE SCREWED.”

The iPhone X Is Here and Racking Up Clicks

The long-anticipated iPhone X has finally dropped—and it’s got consumers lining up to get their hands on it, and clicking on many, many stories about the new device. Whether it was about the girl who got her Apple engineer dad fired because she shared video of the phone before the release, or the people dropping their brand new $1000 Xs for views immediately after, the new phone has got everyone talking. A few more outrageous X stories? The over $370K worth that were stolen from a UPS truck, and, oh, the man who was first in line to get one, but reportedly spent all his money gambling while waiting.

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