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Beyoncé’s Beybies Break The Internet: The Viral List

Beyoncé’s hard-to-miss announcement breaks an internet record, A teen series is causing mass hysteria, the #DeleteUber backlash, Millennials and Gen Z somberly say goodbye to Club Penguin, and more of the viral news from the week…


1. Beyoncé’s Beybies Break The Internet

Unless you went off the grid this week, you probably know Beyoncé is expecting again—times two. The oh-so-extra announcement was made through an artful Instagram post on the first day of Black History month, and it went so viral it broke internet records, beating out Selena Gomez’s Coca Cola post to be the most-liked on the platform ever with 7.2 million likes in 24 hours. During a time of intense political divide, fans are thanking Bey for the good news. Twitter reactions included: “Into each generation a slayer is born. They alone will face the vampires, the demons, and Donald Trump,” and “Beyoncé did this specifically for us, yall know that right.” In our break down of young consumers’ favorite musicians, Beyoncé came second, with many using descriptors like “queen” and “flawless” to explain their love.

2. #DeleteUber Sparks a Revolt

It’s been a tough week for Uber. The ride-sharing service got on the wrong side of their main consumers—Millennials—thanks in large part to their actions during the JFK airport taxi strike to protest Trump’s immigration ban. With many viewing their actions as a way to “capitalize on the taxi strike and perhaps even break it,” #DeleteUber started trending on Twitter, motivating more than 200,000 users to do just that. In the wake of the backlash, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has announced his resignation from Trump’s economic advisory council to make the brand’s political beliefs clear. Our recent survey on brand CSR revealed that 44% have participated in a protest or buycott against a brand that has taken a position on a social issue that they disagree with.

3. Millennials & Gen Z Say Goodbye to Club Penguin

It’s game over for multiplayer online game Club Penguin. The platform, which launched in 2005, housed a community of penguin avatars exploring an Antarctic world, hanging out in virtual parties, and playing mini-games, and was once massively popular, generating 200 million user accounts. But traffic has decreased throughout the years, and now the game will be replaced with new mobile-only Club Penguin Island. The announcement has put a lot of older fans in ‘mourning’ for the virtual network they loved during childhood. Nostalgia for simpler times is a defining characteristic of Millennials—our survey on adulthood revealed that 75% of 18-33-year-olds never want to lose their inner kid-self.

4. The Teen Series Causing Mass Hysteria

A Norwegian TV show about the struggles of being young is causing ‘teen hysteria.Skam has inspired a cult-like following from fans, who are working hard to make the series even more popular by tweeting at celebrities and launching petitions at the show’s network to add English subtitles and spread awareness internationally. The series’ ability to blur the line between the narrative and the real world is its biggest draw: “It’s unique in that clips of the show are posted in real time online, as if its characters are real people. So, for example, if a party on the show is happening Saturday at 2am, that’s when the party clip is posted. On Fridays, all the clips published that week are assembled into one episode.” Teens are reportedly missing school and losing sleep to keep up with ongoing postings.

5. More Viral Links We’re Passing

A tweet of a pizza covered in pineapples designed to disturb “pineapple on pizza haters” starts trending as it starts an online war, an app that brings “Chatroulette back from the dead” hits 100 million downloads in over 200 countries, and an inspiring teacher has gone viral with a video showing the unique handshakes he has with each of his students.

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