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Adulting? There’s A School for That: The Friday Don’t Miss List

The new school teaching Millennials how to be grown-ups, an Adidas store inspired by high school sports, StubHub’s take on the hottest holiday gift, and more stories about young consumers today in the don’t miss list!

1. Adulting? There’s A School for That

Our Adulting trend looked into how Millennials are handling “grown-up” responsibilities, from paying bills to cooking meals, finding that most have a can-do attitude towards traditional tasks—however, almost seven in ten 18-33-year-olds also told us that there are many things about being an adult that overwhelm them. Don’t miss the new program that wants to help the generation by teaching “adult know-how” not addressed through traditional schooling. Starting next year, the Adulting School in Portland, Maine will cover areas like “investing, retirement, career development, physical and mental wellness and even home buying.”

2. Adidas Recreates the High School Sports Experience

Over seven in ten 13-33-year-olds would rather spend their money on experiences than products, and in response brands and retailers are experimenting with ways to turn brick-and-mortar locations into immersive experiences. Don’t miss how Adidas has done just that, opening a four-floor flagship in NYC that resembles a high school sports stadium. Consumers can watch live games from bleachers, visit “The Turf” and “The Track” to test out products, get consultations in personal fitness, or grab a juice and snack to get the full athlete treatment.

3. The Hottest Holiday Gift? Experiences, says StubHub

In our recent holiday survey, we found that 85% of 18-34-year-olds love giving presents, and of the top items they plan to give, over half chose gift cards. Don’t miss how StubHub says the rise in gift card giving is coinciding with Millennial demand for experiences because “life experiences outweigh gifts.” The ticket company says that their gift card sales have increased 20% year-over-year during the month of November, and their recent survey found 75% of gift givers globally prefer to give someone an “unforgettable experience.” What’s the hottest ticket? According to the brand, the Hamilton musical.

4. Just How Much Do Millennials Love Their Coffee?

Millennials love coffee, and their go-to coffee spots. In fact, when we asked Millennials their absolute favorite things to eat and drink, coffee made the number two spot in the beverage ranking (beating out beer), and researcher Datassential reports that 19-34-year-olds now account for 44% of U.S. coffee demand “helping to push global demand to a record.” Don’t miss this ‘Millennials Of New York’ parody take on the generation’s addiction, hilariously illustrating just how much one Millennial truly loves her coffee.  

5. The App Getting Teens Hooked

Capturing the attention of teens through an app is not an easy feat. Our recent survey on mobile behavior revealed that 13-17-year-olds have 10 fewer apps than 18-33-year-olds on average, and use about six daily compared to 18-33-year-olds’ seven. But don’t miss how a new app that aims to “redefine fiction for the Snapchat generation” has generated 1.8 million downloads since its release a year ago. Currently the top grossing book app for iOS in the U.S., Hooked tells ‘suspenseful’ stories in the form of interactive text messages for 13-24-year-olds. 

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