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Infographic Snapshot: Millennials & The 2016 Election

We asked Millennial voters whether they plan to show up at the polls, who they plan to vote for, and much more…

If they vote, Millennials could have the power to decide the election. As of this year, Millennials surpass Boomers as the largest voting population, with three out of ten potential U.S. voters between 18-34-years-old. Both parties and candidates have been battling for their votes during the campaign, with varying levels of success. According to some polls, they already believe that Clinton has won. But the headlines that Clinton has a “Millennial problem” are just as numerous as ever. At the same time, researchers say the digital age has created a generation that is detached from politics, and social media has allowed them to “design their own unique platform of views.” The idea of voting for third party candidates, or opting out of voting altogether, is reportedly popular with many of these frustrated young consumers.

To find out how this highly desirable—but incredibly skeptical—group of voters is really feeling about politics, the candidates, and their votes, we surveyed Millennial voters to find out what their plans are this election. Our resulting Special Report includes data on:

  • Their current political leanings & voting likelihood
  • Who they plan to vote for
  • What’s swaying their votes
  • Undecided Millennial voters
  • Who they really want to be the next president 

Gold subscribers can download the Millennial Election Special Report here. (Not a Gold subscriber? Click here to find out more about accessing the full report!) 

Here’s a sample of what we found:  


To download the PDF version of this insight article, click here.