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Millennials Steal The Daily Show: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Millennials are making satire news an irony-free zone (and Xers hate it), a moment of Barbie diversity, and the trends at every wedding in 2015. Catch up on all of it and more in the Friday Don’t Miss List! 

1. The Daily Show Belongs to Millennials Now

Satirical TV news brings in more young viewers than traditional late-night talk shows, and we’re now living in a post-Stewart world. Don’t miss this reaction to his predecessor Trevor Noah: it seems some Xers did not enjoy his Millennial approach. Salon’s review remarked on the generational shift happening on the show, the lack of irony, and “jokes about emojis and sexting.” Noah referring to Stewart as his generation’s political dad probably didn’t help. Sorry Xers! 

2. Zendaya Barbie

Hello Barbie is a contender to be one of the IT toys of this holiday season, but that talking doll is not the one making headlines this week. Don’t miss the reveal of a one-of-a-kind Barbie created to memorialize Zendaya’s Oscar look. The doll is a rare diversity win for the brand. The young actress proclaimed, “When I was little, I couldn’t find a Barbie that looked like me…how times have changed. Thank you [Barbie] for this honor and for allowing me to be a part of your diversification and expansion of the definition of beauty.”

3. Millennial Wedding Trends, Turned Clichés

As more and more Millennials walk down the aisle, they’re taking their own approach to some of the long-standing traditions around the big day. But some of the trends they’ve spawned to reflect their unique personalities have already turned into clichés. Don’t miss 17 of the trends that “appeared at literally every wedding” in 2015, including ampersands, naked cakes, and mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses.

4. Redefining Luxury

Affluent Millennials exist, and this growing segment is predicted to become the dominant group in the luxury consumer market between 2018 and 2020. As more Millennials age into higher earning brackets, another question arises: what brands do they think are luxury? We asked 1000 13-32-year-olds to answer the question, “What brands do you think make luxury products?” and found out their top 20 luxe list. But the reality is that their definition of luxury is shifting significantly. Don’t miss four more trends impacting the luxury market.

5. Not ALL Millennials Are On ALL Social Media

Our most recent topline and data on Millennials and teens included our quarterly social media tracker, which revealed that 90% of 18-32-year-olds are currently on Facebook, 54% are on Instagram, and 52% are on Twitter. Don’t miss another take on these usage numbers: “Not All Millennials Are Hooked on Social Media.” (Gasp!)