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Video Made the Radio Star: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Taylor Swift’s new music video gone viral, YouTubers tapped to revive radio, and tongue-in-cheek #TBT marketing that does social right.


1. #TBT Marketing

Brands have the ability to make big impressions with little effort on social these days, and our roundup of the social media campaigns that are working also includes a nostalgic marketing ploy from Twix that plays along with the hashtag trend #TBT (Throwback Thursday). Don’t miss the brand’s weekly videos featuring ‘90s phenomena, like dial-up modems and the Y2K scare, to explain “why it took so long to come up with Twix Bites.” The tongue-in-cheek approach also includes an 800 number to call for more excuses, and an ‘80s video spoof will air this Sunday during the MTV VMAs.

2. Pay Attention to Mobile

Our infographic snapshot on back-to-school took a look at the differences in spending between high school and college students, and found that tech is the top priority for college students this year. Don’t miss parallel findings that laptop and tablet purchases have increased, and that parents are relying on mobile more than ever for back-to-school shopping. 96% of parents with school-aged kids are using their mobile devices to compare product prices  and 79% are using mobile for actual purchasing.

3. Video Made the Radio Star

Co-creation just might be the future of products, enabling young consumers to re-think and re-design the products that target them. In a venture from BBC Radio 1 to “adapt or die,” the station will tap YouTube talent to collaborate for simultaneous radio and video content, changing the traditional radio format to target young listeners. The idea comes from BBC Radio 1’s already popular weekly show with YouTubers Phil Lester and Dan Howell (a YouTube star we told you to follow). The pair have pushed the radio station to 1 million subscribers on YouTube, so giving vloggers the power to change the face of radio could be the key to a comeback.

4. The Latest Hacks

There just isn’t enough time in the day, but Millennials are making things easier on themselves by using shortcuts and information hacks to gain “faux-spertise” in new interests and skills. Though not a specialized skill, choosing a movie on Netflix is often a big responsibility and sets the mood for a friendly hangout or date night, so don’t miss these hacks that make the Millennial binge-watching experience a bit easier. A Better Queue lists movies by their critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, while Google Chrome extension Netflix Enhancer lets viewers hover over movie titles to see IMDB ratings and trailers, offering an all-in-one browse and binge experience that turns viewers onto critic knowledge.

5. Links We’re Passing

Foodie posts are often the bane of social media feeds, but you shouldn’t miss four-year-old foodie Lyla Hogan and her adorable review of what has been called “the best restaurant in the world, period” by notorious critic Anthony Bourdain. Also on our link list is the video for Taylor Swift’s new single “Shake It Off” that has gotten over 27 million views in the last four days. Swift dances to her own beat alongside professional dancers, showing that she isn’t taking herself too seriously despite her pop star status.