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Surprise! From Queen B: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Surprises are in store on this Friday the 13th as we cover the most trending topics of the week, and let you know what makes them important to Millennial audiences. Don’t miss it!

1. The More the Merrier
Next level personalized marketing resonates with consumers because it focuses on them, not the brand, to improve their lives. The WestJet Christmas Miracle that we covered went viral this week, so don’t miss the personalized marketing scheme from Ikea that’s bringing people together for the holidays in a real way. A new platform called “No Empty Chairs at Christmas” acts like a matchmaking service, setting up hosts with people spending the holiday alone, whether single, traveling, or without family. This project takes the spirit of Christmas to heart and provides a modern way for people to connect, no matter their situation.
2. Living Up to the Hype
We rounded up the best of the best in our Pre-Holiday Toy Roundup, and after so much hype for the GoldieBlox engingeering kit for girls, you really shouldn’t miss the final verdict. Listed as one of the five worst toys of 2013 by Fast Company, according to them GoldieBlox perpetuates stereotypes with limited “girl” designs and poor quality materials. While it might have been a “missed opportunity,” there is another Kickstarter funded campaign that might make it to the top toy lists next year: Supertoy Teddy. Reminiscient of the talking bear in Ted, this version is PG and is said to have a “mind of its own” with Siri-like capabilities. A REAL talking teddy bear? Talk about dreams come true.
3. Surprise! from Queen B
Earthquakes are unexpected, and the music industry is undoubtedly shook up from the bomb that Beyoncé dropped early this morning—an entire new album released on iTunes with 14 songs and 17 accompanying music videos to illustrate a new “visual album” medium. On her YouTube channel, she explained she is bored with the traditional music release system, saying: “There’s so much that gets between the music, the artist and the fans…I just want this to come out when it’s ready and from me to my fans.”

4. Affording Luxury
Confessions from a Millennial male shed light on the desire for cars to make them excited, something car companies are beginning to understand and act on. Since money is a large factor for Millennials as evidenced in today’s Thumb stat, luxury brands are debuting niche vehicles that don’t stretch their budget as much, like the $50,000 Porsche Macan, which marks “a moment in history for buyers who thought they would never own a Porsche.” Mercedes is marketing their $30,000 CLA sedan with ads geared specifically towards Millennials, and the Infinity Q30 concept will be a hatchback that tests traditional luxury as this generation does.

5. Links We’re Passing
Golden oldies of holiday music will be flooding radio stations until the New Year, but one 16-year-old from Canada is literally bringing a blast from the past in his rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas.” David Thibault’s uncanny cover of the classic song has us believing in reincarnation, along with over 2 million people who have watched his cover version already. It’s a Christmas miracle!