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Meet The 2013 Youth Advisory Board Members: Part 1

Amanda Aziz

The Ypulse staff is guided by a group of highly talented Millennials who keep us — and you — in the know about the latest trends in youth attitudes and culture. In their posts, they share their perspectives on media, marketing & advertising, technology, and the latest news — from what bugs them to what they think is awesome. You can always find YAB member contributions in the Millennial Voices section of the site.

We’ve asked the 2013 YAB members to introduce themselves to you in their own words. Below you’ll find the bios of new and returning members who inform, inspire, and energize us in our work with the Millennial generation. Stay tuned for Part 2…

Youth Advisory Board Members 2013: Part 1

Amanda Aziz

Hailing from Canada, Amanda has been a Youth Advisory Board member at Ypulse for over four years now. She enjoys reading, writing, watching films, and being a volunteer for and a street team member for MTV’s A Thin Line. What she does not like, however, is writing about herself in third person.

Medha Satyal

MedhaMedha is a junior at the College of William & Mary, where she studies Neuroscience. She is interested in social perceptions and interpersonal and intergroup interactions. In her spare time, she frequents art museums and eateries, and watches an unhealthy amount of television.

Rachel Voorhees

Rachel is currently a Communications student at Adelphi University with a concentration in Journalism. After she graduates she plans to work in media, specifically for music promotions and/or non-profit. In her free time, you can catch Rachel singing and dancing with friends at a concert in New York City or doing volunteer work. She has a serious passion for pop culture and raising awareness about social issues both locally and globally. With her writing, Rachel hopes to keep readers informed about what’s happening in pop culture and how they can volunteer their time to a worthy cause. To learn more about Rachel, check out

Nygel Jones

Nygel JonesNygel is a 9th grader who enjoys astronomy and studying Greek mythology. He also enjoys writing fiction and playing video games. Nygel is passionate about discussing politics and debating current issues. He aspires to be a politician as well as an entrepreneur. He is an avid Star Wars fan and is among the top 5 students in his class.

Skyanne Fisher

SkyanneSkyanne was the girl skipping school in fourth grade to stay home and write. She loves traveling more than anything else and has goals to visit every continent in the world and every country in Latin America and now, after graduating high school, she is taking a year off to travel. Her second passion is volunteering and she hopes to spend time in developing countries, particularly places like Ghana and Cambodia, to work with children. Skyanne hopes to attend UC San Diego to major in Political Science and International Relations. She is obsessed with “Vampire Diaries” and never passes up a chance to fangirl over Ian Somerhalder. She can be found on Twitter @skyvsworld and on her travel blog, Sky vs World (

Julia Tanenbaum

Julia TannenbaumJulia Tanenbaum is a senior at Claremont High School in California. She has been on YAB for three years, and is excited to be back. Like most teenagers, she spends a lot of time on schoolwork, but she also enjoys playing video games, particuarly Japanese role playing games, volunteering, and watching Doctor Who and anime. She spends a considerable amount of time online, and loves internet culture, whether it’s Tumblr, music discussion forums, or Memebase. She also loves reading, especially Manga, other comics, and any kind of science fiction.

Matt Hursh

Matt HurshMatt has finally ventured into his first year of post-graduate life, which he will be spending in the greater Boston area teaching tennis and literacy to children in Boston public schools. His four years at Hobart College taught him that we can be certain of nothing other than the fact that we exist, and to cherish any day in which the weather tops 40 degrees. A sports fanatic, he loves to share his opinions about anything and everything media related, particularly the influence the media has on public opinion.

Caroline Marques

Caroline MarquesCaroline is a first-year at Wellesley College. This is her fifth year serving on the Youth Advisory Board. She is currently interested in studying Political Science and Cinema. Her international background (born in Brazil, grew up in Switzerland) fostered her love for traveling and speaking various languages. In her free time, she enjoys kick-boxing, hip-hop, writing, and reviewing books, TV shows and concerts. An aspiring YA author, she hopes to one day read a book review of her own novel.

Caleb Hearon

CalebCaleb is a senior at Chillicothe High School, Home of the Hornets! He is involved in Student Council, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Key Club, and of course Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). Caleb is serving National FCCLA as their Vice President of Membership. Student, leader, Young Democrat of America, friend, and human rights champion; Caleb considers himself to be very opinionated and passionate. Politcal awareness, the power youth hold in today’s world, and social matters are all things that Caleb is excited about.

Camilla Nord

Camilla NordCamilla is a returning YAB member who finished her undergraduate degree at Oxford, where she studied physiology, psychology, and philosophy, and also has a Master’s in neuroscience from University College London. She currently works in neuropsychiatric research, which involves meeting patients, scanning brains, and statistical analysis. When she’s not studying the brain, she is probably painting, practicing Bikram yoga, cooking vegetarian food, or thinking about manatees. When she IS studying, her favorite neurotransmitter (those chemicals that shoot around the brain sending signals) is dopamine. The recent involvement of neuroscience techniques in product development and marketing has driven her interest in Ypulse, coupled with a lifelong love of writing — and, of course, a healthy obsession with pop culture.

Laura Edelman

Laura EdelmanLaura is a freshman at NYU planning on studying Art History. Originally from Baltimore, MD, Laura is loving the city and is constantly pursuing her ideal “Sex and the City” lifestyle of shoes, girls nights with her sorority, visits to museums, attending Broadway shows (she recently met Miranda), eating exotic meals…and shoes. Though she’s partial to topics on fashion and art, Laura always has an opinion and wants it to be heard. She wants to make a difference in the world through her writing, volunteering, and hopefully curatorial work, so she hopes her readers come away with a little something!

Vinnie Cassidy

Vinnie CassidyVinnie is a 10th grader focusing on the study of film and how it is created. He is an avid viewer of reality television, especially the show “Big Brother” on CBS and likes to critique television. He is on the inside to what people like and don’t like, especially for television.