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How Ypulse Can Answer Your Business Questions On Gen Y

Green Box

If you aren’t exactly sure what a YROC is, allow us to explain. YROCs are Youth Research Online Communities and a speciality for Ypulse. You may have heard about our ongoing communities, but we’d also like to make some noise about our recent innovation called the Pop Up Community: 2-4 weeks, 25-50 consumers, starting at $25K and the ability to interact with these participants like you’ve never seen.

We get that communities are rapidly becoming the tool by which organizations can assess the views, attitudes and behaviors of their target audiences and employees with reduced effort and cost. What we don’t get is why most communities lack the consumer intimacy they preach. At Ypulse, we prioritize Millennial sensibility in our communities – from how we ask questions all the way through to our analysis. Not only that, our communities are designed with the Millennial consumer in mind.

One Direction? Gangnam Style? Everything you read in our newsletter is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our understanding of Millennials and we pride ourselves on fusing that passion in to our methodologies. What happens with this audience informs how we study with them.

Ypulse’s YROC tools enable market researchers within organizations to more frequently play a role in key company decisions. Period. Just ask MTV, Vh1, and Macy’s – a few of Ypulse’s YROC clients. Imagine a highly managed relationship with a sample of your target audience, ready and waiting for your questions. Check out the attached whitepaper to see more of the advantages. If you would like to hear more about creating your own YROC or other custom research opportunities as we quickly approach the holiday season, please contact

Click here for more information on Ypulse’s YROC tools.