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Your youth insights will now include data on young people in Canada.


The daily youth insights and data you trust and depend on from YPulse are growing to help you understand even more Gen Z and Millennials. As of July, 2021, all YPulse syndicated behavioral and trends research and brand tracking will expand from U.S.-only to North American insights, with the addition of data on young consumers in Canada.

What does this mean for YPulse Business subscribers?

  • All YPulse survey data and reports will now reflect the views of 13-39-year-olds in both the U.S. and Canada
  • U.S.-only insights will be highlighted in reports when relevant, and available to Pro subscribers in both the excel tables and the Pro data dashboards


Here’s a quick review of the products in your YPulse business subscription, and what this expansion across North America means for each: 

Behavioral Reports We’ve added a nationally representative sample of young people in Canada ages 13-39-years old to all surveys fielded after June 1, 2021. The weekly report topics will still follow those outlined in the 2021 Report & Webinar Calendar. The first behavioral report covering North America will be released July 7.

Trend Deep Dives & Webinars These monthly reports and live webinar sessions will now also collect and show data for young consumers in both the U.S. and Canada, expanding our trend coverage to a full North American scope. The first trend report covering North America will be released August 5.

Youth Brand Tracking (Pro users only) Applicable brands are now being rated by both U.S. and Canadian young consumers, and several Canada-only brands were added to the survey. Filters will allow you to look at your brand performance for North America, or crosstab by Canadian and U.S. consumers. The first week of data for North America will be available July 6.


Data Collection Info & FAQs


What countries are now included in YPulse surveys?

  • U.S. 
  • Canada 

How will I know which reports are reporting on North America?

All Behavioral, Trend, and Special reports in your YPulse Prime or Pro subscriptions will include data on young consumers in the U.S. and Canada going forward. The first North America Behavioral Report will be Media Consumption Monitor, released July 7, and the first North America Trend Report will be Finding Community, released August 5. The methodology page in each report will detail the inclusion of respondents from both the U.S. and Canada. 

Will the reports focus on both U.S. and Canadian consumers together?

Yes! The reports will reflect the views and behaviors of all young people in North America and continue to highlight key differences between generations and gender with spotlights on BIPOC consumers and Millennial Parents. The sample breakdown is proportionate to the populations of young consumers in the U.S. (123.1 million) and Canada (13.2 million). Banners for U.S.-only and Canadian-only respondent data will be available in the Data Files and Data Dashboards for Pro users.

How many U.S. and Canadian respondents will there be in each survey?

The sample of respondents for each country is proportionate to the national populations of young people ages 13-39-years-old in the U.S. and Canada. The base sizes for each country are as follows: 

  • North America (N=1,450) (Population =136,269,428)
  • U.S. (N=1,300) (Population = 123,066,028)
  • Canada (N=150) (Population = 13,203,400)

Each country is balanced to be nationally representative across age and gender.


YPulse Pro Users Only: 


Will there be new banners in the survey Data Files with each report?

The majority of banners will remain the same with the addition of Country. All other banner points will include respondents in both the U.S. and Canada. If comparing the banner points for the U.S. and Canada, keep in mind the differences in sample sizes which are proportionate to the country populations. 

Will Canadian respondents be included in the brand tracker? 

Indeed! The breakdown of interviews across all brands in North America are as follows:

  • North America (N=2340/week, N=116,000/year)
  • U.S. (N=2100/week)
  • Canada (N=240/week)

Note: Because the Canadian sample is proportionate to the Canadian population, we recommend looking at Canada-only data for individual brands on a quarterly basis.

Will all 400+ brands be tracked in Canada as well?

The same industries will be tracked in both countries. While the brands in each industry will have as much crossover as possible, U.S. brands that are unavailable in Canada or have low awareness will not be asked of Canadian respondents. Additionally, Canadian brands that are unavailable in the U.S. will only be asked of Canadian respondents. A finalized list of Canadian brands that will be added to the survey will be available soon. 

When will the first brand data ratings be available for young consumers in North America ? 

The first week of brand data ratings by young consumers in both the U.S. and Canada will be available in the Brand Data Dashboards on July 5. 

Note: Because the Canadian sample is proportionate to the Canadian population, we recommend looking at Canada-only data for individual brands on a quarterly basis. 

How many completes/ratings will Benchmark and non-Benchmark brands receive?

Brands will continue to receive the same number of ratings in the U.S. as they always have, and will receive additional ratings in Canada.

Benchmark Brands rated in both the U.S. and Canada will receive: 

  • N=5,000 annual ratings in the U.S.
  • N=555 annual ratings in Canada

Non-Benchmark Brands rated in both the U.S. and Canada will receive: 

  • N=1,200 annual ratings in the U.S.
  • N=130 annual ratings in Canada

* The above annual ratings are for brands with awareness above 60%. 

Will I still be able to report on U.S.-only brand performance?

Yes! There will be a country filter available on all dashboard views to look at U.S. and Canadian data together or separately. 


YPulse Western Europe (WE) is next.

This marks our first syndicated research expansion into international markets, with more coming soon. We’re beginning our international expansion by bringing you insights and expertise on young consumers in Western Europe. Learn more about the new YPulse Pro and Prime Western Europe subscriptions coming this fall.