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WE TV and Entertainment Report

Nov 15 2021

The TV and entertainment industries took center stage the past two years as young people turned to their screens to cope with the COVID pandemic—and to pass the time during lockdowns. With COVID restrictions now lifting, many are wondering, what’s next? YPulse’s TV and Entertainment report digs into the entertainment preferences of young people now, and what brands should know about what might come next.

Download the full report for insights on: 

  • Young Europeans’ thoughts on streaming services, and the benefits these platforms are providing them
  • How entertainment will shift after the threat of COVID is over, and what young people will do less / more of
  • How Millennial parents are consuming video entertainment

Report length: 11 pages

Based on a survey of 1300 13-39-year-olds in the U.K., Italy, France, Germany, and Spain, fielded in October 2021 

Additional survey content for Pro users: Young Europeans’ favorite TV shows, how they’re spending on entertainment, the TV genres they’re watching most, and the devices they’re using to watch TV / video content.

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