Not Waiting for the World to Change Trend Report

Gen Z and Millennial research, trends, and insights

As 2020 roars on, young people are continuing to take to the streets and to social media to protest for the causes that they believe in. One clear reason is COVID-19, which has exposed inequalities to young generations in a new way, while giving them more time at home to focus on serious issues and spread the word online about injustice. But our data shows that young people are being motivated for other reasons as well. In this historic year, young people have been activating to stand up for their beliefs, and their political views are being reshaped in the lead up to a divisive election. For brands, understanding what issues most matter to them now—and how they want you involved—has become essential. This report explores these generations’ political outlooks, their involvement in activism, what they expect from the brands they support, and more key insights on what issues are driving their votes and their purchases at this vital time.

What’s in the survey:

Political Alliance and Views

Voting Plans for the 2020 Presidential election

Statements on Generational Sentiment

Social Causes & Activism Behaviors

Brand CSR Expectations

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