Q1 2018 YPulse Trend Report: Home Sweet Home, Talk the Talk, Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Mar 30 2018


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The importance of visual communication has only multiplied in the past three years since we last examined how young consumers express themselves, speak to one another, and what it all means for brands. Our updated look into the trend dives further into how these visual shortcuts help Gen Z & Millennials express themselves and stay connected in a uniquely “online” way. For example, nine in 10 Millennials and teens use emojis, eight in 10 use gifs and memes, and while emojis have embedded themselves into the lexicon of young consumers, gifs and memes are more for comedy’s sake. While they’re starting to expect brands to leverage visual language in their communications, certain industries should stay wary of fun, graphic cues, at the risk of sounding too informal.



Somehow, the narrative that Millennials are living in their parents’ basements continues to live on—even though the generation has, for the most part, grown up. Millennials are increasingly flying the coop, with the majority sharing homes with their own families or with roommates; among those who don’t own a home yet, more than three in four say they plan to. And just like in the original Home Sweet Home trend, we are finding that they’re continuing to set new standards for what they desire in a home and what tools and financial resources they use to shop for one. As more Millennials & Gen Z move into their own homes, the home decor industry should see a boost—as long as they market themselves the right way.



Young consumers’ quest for convenience has only sped up since we last reported on the trend in 2014 with our original report: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That. But now, instead of asking for time-saving solutions, they expect them: more than seven in ten 13-35-year-olds agree with the statement “I get very frustrated by things that waste my time.” From meal kits to banking apps and mobile-first ride-hailing services, innovative new tech has given them back more time in their busy schedules—and they don’t expect that trend to stop anytime soon. We compared our 2014 report and the new data we just conducted side-by-side to see which aspects of this time-saving trend are on the rise, what’s new in the space, and how brands across industries can keep up.

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