Q4 2017 YPulse Trend Report: Practical Magic, Escape to the Dark Side, How to Reach Young Males

An in-depth look at a major shift being fueled by Gen Z and Millennials, and what it means for brands.


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Supernatural, mystical, and magical products and pastimes are having a moment as many young consumers join in for the fun of a different perspective, a moment of diverting introspection, Instagrammability, and a bit of intrigue. In fact, over half of 13-35-year-olds say that supernatural products are trending. While some have called the rising interest in astrology and witchcraft a new religion for Millennials, we dug in to find the truth—fortunes, horoscopes, crystals, and the products that use them are providing entertainment and inspiration, sparking new trends that smart brands are tapping into.



Young viewers are turning to dark content to escape their everyday. From murder mysteries to stories covering suicide and the supernatural, TV shows and movies with less-than-happy endings are having their heyday—both on the big and small screen. Seventy-seven percent of 13-34-year-olds told us they think their generation is looking for escapes from reality right now, so we looked into why exactly they’re finding refuge in dark content, and the effect their interest is having on media and advertising.




Gen Z and Millennial males are often seen as an elusive consumer group to brands. They are part of the Genreless Generation, not abiding by old rules of masculinity, and redefining the traditional notion of what it means to be a man. At the same time, they’re well adept at ignoring advertising and, of course, avoiding traditional media altogether. So where are they spending their time, what are their interests, and how can you reach them? We explored their preferences and behaviors in depth to guide you in breaking the stereotypes and appealing to young males today.

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