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Q1 2017 YPulse Trend Report: Customization Nation, In Their Heads, The Millennial Employee Handbook

Mar 31 2017



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The days of one-size-fits-all are numbered and customization is being taken to the next level to appeal to young consumers, for whom personalization has become an expectation. Millennials and Gen Z’s taste in products and services that feel like they’re made just for them is spurring innovation in the space. Three quarters of 13-34-year-olds say they’re interested in buying products that are customized to their taste, and over two in five say they have customized a product before. We’re seeing new methods of customization and personalization emerging in retail, beauty, food, health, entertainment, and more, making tailored products and services more accessible than ever before.



The most stressed, anxious generations to date need to clear their heads. Lately, we’ve seen a heightened awareness of and interest in everyday mental health among young consumers, who are finding new ways of maintaining their balance. In fact, over eight in ten 13-34-year-olds tell us they’ve noticed that people are making mental health more of a priority lately. From charting their emotions and learning about mindfulness to marrying tech with meditation and finding unusual stress escapes online, we’re exploring how they’re taking care of what’s in their heads.



Either you’re employing the largest workforce in America’s history or you’re a part of it—and it’s undeniable that Millennials are shifting the 9-to-5. Work-life balance and flexible hours are second and third to only salary when it comes to what makes the perfect position. But that’s not to say all young adults are aiming for a future of freelancing: 60% would rather work in a company, the average ideal size being 150 people. Their need for stability and clear paths for growth are evident, especially since simply being employed is something they’re still learning to trust. Our Millennial Employee Handbook details who the next generation of managers are, how many have a side hustle, and what workplace trends are worth investing in.

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