Q1 2016 YPulse Trend Report: Next Level Fandom (Revisited), Less Is More, For A Good Time…

An in-depth look at a major shift being fueled by Gen Z and Millennials, and what it means for brands.






Highly connected and organized Millennial fan groups have taken fandom to a new level. In 2013, Ypulse found that Next Level Fandoms were using their numbers, passion and organization to change the meaning of being a fan, and we’ve revisited the trend to take a deeper look into this increasingly relevant space. Almost half of 13-33-year-olds now say they are in a fandom, and these connected groups are influencing brands and entertainment more than ever before. We’re exploring what fandom looks like today, why it appeals, how young members connect and participate in their fandoms, and more…including what brands can do to tap into fandom culture.



Overwhelmed by content, options, marketing, and products, more Millennials are beginning to have a minimalist moment. They’re bringing a “less is more” mentality to their homes, closets, diets, and more; while trends like mindfulness and decluttering are beginning to pick up speed. Young consumers have always chosen experiences over products, but now they’re looking to let go of material goods and simplify their lives in even more ways. This desire for simplicity is impacting how and what they’re buying, and sparking new areas of interest.



Millennials are choosing the couch or café over a night at the club. Partying hard has been a hallmark of youth for generations, but Millennials are less intent on pushing boundaries than they are living in the Netflix and chill zone. Understanding what young adults are considering a good time means changing the assumption that they are drinking (and posting about it) to excess. See how the foodie generation is redefining your average Saturday night.

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