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2014 Q4 Ypulse Quarterly: Play Nice, Things are Getting Weird, How they Spend It

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Q4 2014 Quarterly Report Trends: 


Surrounded by negativity both online and off, young consumers are looking for communities, celebrities, and even entertainment that uplifts, focuses on the positive, and emphasizes getting along over dissonance. Snark is being phased out, and going negative is increasingly looked down upon. They want their peers, entertainment, celebrities, and brands to take that Millennial positivity to heart and Play Nice. 


They’re a generation raised on the absurdist humor of Ren and StimpyRocco’s Modern LifeThe Adventures of Pete and Pete, and even Spongebob—and they haven’t grown out of it. While overtly sexy images in marketing make them yawn, entertainment and ads that get a little weird, ok, or a lot weird, are getting their attention. 


Millennials are set to outspend Boomers by 2017, but their buying power will be wielded much differently than generations before. Comparing spending habits and financial attitudes among various earning segments, we find out how their budgets and priorities shift when they earn more. From bills to splurges to savings, see what the future holds for how they’ll spend it.

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