2014 Q3 Ypulse Quarterly: New Parents, Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That, Chasing Neverland

Gen Z and Millennial research, trends, and insights

Q3 2014 Ypulse Quarterly Report Trends: 


The era of Millennial parenting is about to begin. They're choosing what elements of their own upbringing they want to emulate and what they want to leave. They are tech enhanced, creating communities, disregarding judgment and writing their own rules. The new parents are on the block, and understanding how they’re approaching this new role will be vital for brands who want to attract them.


Their patience is on the verge of running out and they expect tech to solve their problems. This generation is driving change and looking for solutions to their everyday annoyances that save them effort, thought, and most importantly, time. This mentality has them looking to outsource everything they might not want to do, while disregarding brands and services that they deem too complicated or time consuming. 


They might have been pushing it off as long as possible, but Millennials do feel like adults. Reality bites, and they’re finding way to temporarily unplug from being grown-ups. From summer camp to sleepovers, they’re seeking out experiences and products that bring them back to a state of childhood, make them feel carefree again, and let them feel for just a little while that they will never grow up. 

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