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2014 Q1 Ypulse Quarterly: The Age of Not Believing, The Story of My Life, Anonymously Yours

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Q1 2014 Quarterly Report Trends: 

The Age of Not Believing: Millennials' growing everyday skepticism and what that means for the way they consume content, their feelings toward “prankvertising,” and ways that brands can communicate with a group who is likely to not believe a word they say. 

The Story of My Life: A storytelling renaissance is underway that has the generation desiring to tell the stories of their lives in more advanced, creative ways. They're creating narratives out of the many bits of media they collect that let them look at their lives in a new light. 

Anonymously Yours: Millennials are looking for ways to share their thoughts with fewer consequences. They’re still sharing and looking for outlets to send out their thoughts and voices, but there is a new desire for privacy, secrecy, and anonymity in social media. 

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