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Gen Z is most likely to think the average retirement age is too low.

May 24 2023

Gen Z is most likely to think the average retirement age is too low.While nowhere near a majority said so, a Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll for Newsweek showed 17% of 18-24-year-olds say the retirement age of 67-years-old is too low—the most of any age group surveyed. Data shows that Americans are retiring later in life than three decades ago, and it’s possible that Gen Z might be seeing this trend as simply necessary. Some forecasts warn that retirement-supporting programs like Social Security will run out before Gen Z has a chance to cash in on it, and many Americans are struggling to save for the future now. So, this gen may be anticipating a longer work life for themselves, even if that’s not what they’d want in the long run. YPulse’s Employment and Career Goals survey shows 63% of Gen Z currently say the economy is becoming worse, which is likely spurring their financial concerns for even the far-off future. (Newsweek)