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A quote from Queen Charlottle: A Bridgerton Story is going viral. 

May 16 2023

A quote from Queen Charlottle: A Bridgerton Story is going viral. The franchise has gone viral before with various quotes from throughout the seasons (i.e., “I burn for you” and “You are the bane of my existence…and the object of all my desires”) but thanks to the newest prequel, fans of the show now can’t stop saying “Sorrows, sorrows, prayers.” Social media has arguably chosen this as their favorite quote from the prequel and can’t stop saying it IRL, too. The quote refers to Queen Charlottle’s unusual way of consoling those who are upset and of course, TikTok users have already made a slew of memes based on it. For example, one user said this is how they’ll comfort their friends when they finally break up with their boyfriend, and another said it’s how authors respond to readers when they’ve killed off their favorite character. Even Golda Rosheuvel, who plays Charlotte, is a huge fan of the quote: in an interview, she said she hopes it becomes a hashtag and wants to sell shirts with the phrase printed on them. (Bustle)