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Libraries are using TikTok to boost visibility and promote cultural relevance. 

May 15 2023

Libraries are using TikTok to boost visibility and promote cultural relevance. Various libraries, big and small, are taking advantage of Gen Z’s favorite social platform by joining in on one of its most prominent communities—#BookTok. Among the plethora of reading related content, libraries are standing out for their meme-driven creators and relatability. With Amazon and Barnes & Noble headlining the book buying hype, libraries are making themselves heard by getting in on the humor and content Gen Z is accustomed to, which has been eliciting both shock and delight in the libraries’ comments sections. Their social media engagement efforts come at a time when book banning is running rampant, encroaching students’ educational freedoms, and they’re emphasizing the importance of supporting local libraries. YPulse’s recent Hobbies & Passions report shows reading is young people’s second favorite hobby behind sports, which proves why this content is doing so well. (Mashable)