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Spirit Airlines is trending on TikTok thanks to its “unbothered” energy. 

May 08 2023

Spirit Airlines is trending on TikTok thanks to its “unbothered” energy. The airline is making its rounds on the app with some creators expressing their love and others making light-hearted jabs when it comes to its reputation as one of the more “carefree” air travel options available. Users are posting videos with the trending audio from user Vanessa Sirias which has been used in over 41K videos: the sound starts with “a soft, vibe-y cover of the popular bolero ‘Bésame Mucho’ but is abruptly interrupted by the sound of a vehicle cruising by blasting the Latin rap hit ‘Delincuente’ by Tokischa featuring Anuel AA and Ñengo Flow.” Users are equating Spirit Airlines with the “unbothered” and fun vibe of the girls singing as they drive by in the audio. For example, one TikToker who filmed themselves looking out the window of a plane used the audio and captioned the video, “When American has delayed the flight due to a storm, but you see Spirit Airlines taking off” and commentors wrote things like, “spirit airlines doesn’t gaf.” YPulse’s Travel report data shows that over half of young consumers say they rely on travel content from influencers to save money when they travel, but it’s debatable whether this “anything goes” reputation will help or hurt Spirit Airlines. (Thrillist)