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Gen Z and Millennials are embracing new restaurant innovations. 

May 08 2023

Gen Z and Millennials are embracing new restaurant innovations. According to a report by the National Restaurant Association, restaurants are increasingly embracing digital systems to cater to consumers’ changing preferences for low-contact transactions and tech-based services. While 70% of Gen Z and Millennials say they prefer today’s mobile pick-up orders and food deliveries, only 44% of Baby Boomers are likely to order delivery from a restaurant today. Plus, young consumers are overall more open to dining innovations like digital menus, chef’s table experiences, and merch. A good example of restaurant chains adapting to the needs of young consumers is Ynot Italian Restaurants who are adopting iPads at every table, allowing for “real-time pricing adjustments to help with operational costs” and flexible font sizes on the menu. YPulse’s The End of Foodie Culture (As We Know It) trend report shows that while Gen Z may not be taking pics of their dinners for their food Insta the way Millennials have, it doesn’t mean they don’t also love a good dining experience. (The Food Institute)