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According to Tinder, Gen Z prefers to “soft launch” their relationships. 

May 05 2023

According to Tinder, Gen Z prefers to “soft launch” their relationships. Earlier this year, YPulse told you how “soft launching” is a new phrase Gen Z is using to describe how they’re posting their partner on social media without giving their followers any real identifiers as to who it is. An example of this would be a post of two meals without showing their date’s face to essentially “protect” a new relationship that may not be official just yet. This is of course the prequel to the “hard launch” where partners do a face reveal to announce they’re dating (i.e., the internet went crazy when Lizzo did so earlier this year). Data from Tinder found that “one in four (26 percent) of 18-34 year-olds would gradually share their new match online, while just 8 percent would do so in a big reveal” and that “more Gen Z women have ‘soft launch’ in their bio compared to ‘hard launch.’” YPulse’s What’s The Situationship? trend report shows that while 27% of Gen Z considers posting a partner to social media as a sign of commitment, 59% of Gen Z agree: “I don’t want to share my relationship on social media.” (Mashable)