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​​​​Sweet Earth Foods is partnering with Ashley Tisdale for a new “Veggie Comeback” program. 

May 05 2023

​​​​Sweet Earth Foods is partnering with Ashley Tisdale for a new “Veggie Comeback” program. The new marketing campaign is tapping the former Disney Channel star and Millennial icon in hopes of enticing people who have previously tried plant-based diets to give them another go. The “Veggie Comeback” campaign is based on the brand’s research which found that 34% of consumers quit plant-based diets due to their difficulty in maintaining them. Tisdale herself identifies as a “flexitarian” and represents the population of consumers who don’t entirely commit to being vegan or vegetarian because of how much work they have to put into food shopping and prepping. The campaign includes digital ads on food delivery app Instacart and two streaming TV commercials, as well as ads that are due to go live later this month. YPulse research shows that while most young consumers may not regularly be eating / drinking plant-based now, nearly a third of Gen Z and a quarter of Millennials say they are interested in it. (The Drum)