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Urban homes are not being built with families in mind.

May 04 2023

Urban homes are not being built with families in mind. The vast majority of new housing being built in cities is designed for singles, childless couples, and adult roommates rather than families. While a City Observatory report shows Millennials “like diverse, walkable environments with good public transit and bike lanes,” these areas are not very family friendly areas for this gen begins to build families in. Advocates say that relaxing zoning laws to facilitate more construction would be the best way to create more family-oriented housing, but few places have yet to take this step. Others argue that while zoning reform is a crucial first step to making cities more affordable and encouraging more construction, it’s not enough to sustain growing families. The result of the lack of family-friendly housing is that Millennials, who make up a large proportion of city residents, are leaving as they get older and have kids. (Vox)