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A growing number of young people are tapping into their personal ideas of faith. 

Apr 25 2023

A growing number of young people are tapping into their personal ideas of faith. According to research from Springtide Research Institute (a nonpartisan nonprofit), “about one-third of 18-to-25-year-olds say they believe—more than doubt—the existence of a higher power, up from about one-quarter in 2021.” The Springtide survey uses the term “higher power,” and isn’t limited to a specific religion. This appears to make a big difference, as “other polls, including Gallup, ask specifically about believing in God and show a decline in young adults who believe in God.” At the same time, a recent Wall Street Journal-NORC poll found that “31% of younger Americans, ages 18 to 29, said religion was very important to them, which was the lowest percentage of all adult age groups.” Many young adults say they generally “feel disconnected from organized religion over issues like racial justice, gender equity and immigration rights.” Ultimately, belief in God or a higher power doesn’t have to translate into church attendance or traditional religious affiliation for these gens. YPulse’s Religion and Spirituality report data shows more young people consider themselves “spiritual” than “religious.” (WSJ)