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Gen Z workers say a company’s values deeply impact their decision to work there. 

Apr 21 2023

Gen Z workers say a company’s values deeply impact their decision to work there. A recent LinkedIn survey found that the “majority, 87%, of Gen Z professionals would be prepared to quit their jobs to work elsewhere if the values of the new company were more closely aligned.” The survey found that Millennials feel the same and with the two gens combined, “almost 9 in 10 professionals” say they would move jobs based on company values. Plus, 60% of Gen Z and Millennial workers say a company’s values could be a total dealbreaker and over half agree that a pay raise wouldn’t convince them to stay with a company if they feel their values don’t align. Ultimately, the main driver in attitudes comes from the pandemic, which “prompted many people to question where, why, and how they work.” The platform even noted how over the last two years, there’s been a “154% increase in entry-level job postings that mention company values.” YPulse has answered your biggest questions about Gen Z at work and our research shows the top thing young workers are concerned about is their mental health and avoiding burnout. (CNBC)