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Tito’s wants you to have a drink with your dog. 

Apr 19 2023

Tito’s wants you to have a drink with your dog. The alcohol brand has long supported spending time with man’s best friend—first by launching Tito’s Vodka For Dog People, a program dedicated to supporting nonprofits that rescue and protect pets—and now, the brand is teaming up with the Bissell Pet Foundation to launch a merch collection that allows dog owners to “readily make a cocktail wherever you are alongside your pup.” Tito’s is promising that 100% of the net proceeds from the merch will be donated to Bissell Pet Foundation. Dubbed “The Walktail Capsule Collection,” the products include a “Tito’s Walk-Pack ($45), a fanny pack that comes with a holder for ‘the go-to walktail vessel,’ which happens to be a Tito’s Walk & Sip YETI Rambler Lowball ($30).” While the campaign encourages people to take their cocktails on the go, they also advise customers to be conscious of the laws surrounding drinking alcohol in public places; so, it may be best to fill it with water and stick to drinking in the yard instead. (Food & Wine)