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Even if TikTok is banned, the platform “already won.” 

Apr 07 2023

Even if TikTok is banned, the platform “already won.” Other top social apps haven’t been the same since the birth of Gen Z’s favorite social app. As TikTok took off among Gen Z and Millennials, apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and more have rushed to create similar short-form video features. Now, even if TikTok ceases to exist in the U.S., the platform’s content will still live on through other forms of social media. TikTok essentially “drove its competition to madness” and now the big social apps all feel the same to users because the content primarily consists of the same algorithmic content “their users didn’t ask for made by people they don’t know on platforms they may not even use.” But YPulse research shows young people aren’t loving this—in fact, 81% of young people agree “I don’t want every social media platform to have exactly the same kind of content.” (Intelligencer)