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Almost half of Gen Z think men should take the lead in relationships. 

Mar 29 2023

Almost half of Gen Z think men should take the lead in relationships. YPulse’s What’s the Situationship? trend data shows that nearly half of Gen Z and Millennials think social media and dating apps are an essential part of their dating lives. But while they may be revolutionizing how they date, some are still following some old norms. According to Bumble’s State of the Nation survey, 47%, of Gen Z believe that when it comes to taking the lead in a relationship, “it’s best if the man does it.” Surprisingly, “only 11% of survey respondents said that women should make the first move on a dating app.” Relationship experts have weighed in and are claiming that “despite a very large push and progression towards gender equality, the dating landscape still is grounded in more traditional gender roles and beliefs.” But while young women in the dating scene may be more hesitant to make the first move, they are typically the ones who are “taking charge” once they’re in a relationship. (CNBC)