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Mavn is a new female-founded app that connects content creators with brands. 

Mar 17 2023

Mavn is a new female-founded app that connects content creators with brands. This week, the startup launched their app that gives users access to “a variety of experiences, from PR packages and paid posts to campaigns, photoshoots, events, dining at fancy restaurants and more.” Creators who wish to link with brands and other businesses are able to scroll through tabbed categories like “Dining,” “Paid,” “Experiences,” “Mailers,” and “Nonprofit” and apply for any opportunity listed. Brands, which have access to “an in-app dashboard with vetting tools, insights and a calendar feature” are then able to accept, decline, or put applicants on a waiting list. All interactions and contracts between influencers and brands can take place within the app and although it’s currently only for those based in Miami, it will be available for creators in NYC and LA later this year. So far, creators can see opportunities that “range from paid campaigns with Crown Royal Regal Apple, FitTea and swimwear brand Natki Swim to free products like skincare, clothing, fitness supplements” and even nonprofits like Charity Buzz. (TechCrunch)