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Dove is taking a stand against beauty filters on TikTok. 

Mar 10 2023

Dove is taking a stand against beauty filters on TikTok. In the wake of the viral Bold Glamour filter, which dramatically distorts facial features and reinforces harmful beauty standards for young women, Dove is calling on its community to “turn its back on filters.” The beauty brand is encouraging young women “to post a video turning their backs to the Bold Glamour filter and using the hashtags, #TurnYourBack #BoldGlamour #NoDigitalDistortion.” The move is in response to several academic studies showing the use of filters and photo editing is perpetuating low self-esteem, low body confidence, and causes overall negative moods among young people. Dove’s research shows that “filters have become part of everyday life for 52% of girls, and 77% try to change or hide at least one part of their body before posting a photo of themselves.” YPulse’s own data shows young women are accustomed to using filters on social media to alter their appearance: 50% agree they always use filters on photos of themselves. (The Drum)