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Women of color are looking for careers where they can feel safe and heard.

Mar 07 2023

Women of color are looking for careers where they can feel safe and heard. According to The Harris Poll, during the pandemic, “Hispanic and Black women accounted for most of the decrease in labor force participation among women” and unemployment rates raised for them, too. Since then, women of color are still hesitant to return to the workforce. According to a Hue report, “BIPOC individuals are two times more likely to not feel safe mentally or emotionally at work”—and this is especially true for women of color who report being subjected to microaggressions and say they feel fatigue related to workplace racial tensions. Because of this, Hue’s report shows “BIPOC employees also reported being two times more likely to leave their place of employment due to the emotional burden related to their race at work.” Going forward, women of color are looking for safe and inclusive work environments. YPulse’s Employment and Career Goals report data shows 63% of young BIPOC workers say working for an organization where their voice can be heard is extremely / very important to them. (Insider)