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Millennials are purging their homes of Millennial / corporate gray. 

Mar 07 2023

Millennials are purging their homes of Millennial / corporate gray. The bland color palette has infiltrated their homes and has become a staple in their wall paint, floors, furniture, and décor—including kids’ products. On TikTok, Gen Z has been dragging them for the color choices calling the color Millennial gray and corporate gray (and this isn’t the first time their muted aesthetic has been attacked, see “the sad beige lady”). Urban Dictionary defines Millennial gray as “The sad depressive hue of the color gray which many [M]illennials coat their life in. The color reflects how [they] went from non-sense happiness, looking at cartoon network and Nickelodeon in the 90’s to Inflation and depression in the early 2020s.” The recent call outs have prompted Millennials to take a second look at their homes and realize that most of their belongings are in fact gray, dull, and muted—which has led to some hilarious responses on the app. (In The Know)