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The “sad beige lady” is taking a crack at Millennial mom aesthetic. 

Sep 29 2022

The “sad beige lady” is taking a crack at Millennial mom aesthetic. Remember when your Instagram feed was filled with colorless design—think taupe, cream, white, gray, and beige colors—with Nordic-inspired minimalistic lines? The “Aesthetic Moms” trend was meant to give children comfort through its soothing and pure design. (And, of course, was driven by Millennials’ desire for kid gear that fits their own tastes.) As for all parenting theories, opponents claim the opposite and argue that the lack of color hinders a child’s development. The latest in the color vs beige battle is a TikTok mom—who calls herself the @sadbeigelady—who posts beige-themed toys and clothes, adds satirical sentences, and completes her videos by mimicking German film documentary Werner Herzog’s voice (and accent!). This is how @sadbeigelady describes an all-white bouncy castle: “It’s perfect for birthday parties to remember the emptiness of existence. You are not like the poor people with their garish primary colours. No. You are special. You feel nothing.” The result is hilarious and quickly gained momentum on TikTok—with @sadbeigelady now racking more than 182K followers. (Today’s Parent)