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TikTok is luring kids away from YouTube around the age of 10. 

Sep 29 2022

TikTok is luring kids away from YouTube around the age of 10. The youngest members of Gen Z have grown up with YouTube as an top entertainment source, for them, and the next generation is already being raised on the platform, too. But according to new research from London-based KidsKnowBest, YouTube is swapped for TikTok by the time members of this gen turn 10—and it overtakes YouTube as their favorite platform by the time they’re 15. YPulse research has shown that TikTok’s meteoric rise to the top of the social media food chain hasn’t stopped yet, and it’s now Gen Z’s favorite platform. Our data also shows that TikTok is the fifth top platform Millennial parents are letting their kids watch video content on weekly, and over a quarter of Millennial parents say their kids are watching it weekly. Young parents are also jumping on the app themselves to share honest anecdotes about the ups and downs of parenting—and as more parents watch TikTok themselves, we’ll likely see the number of kids watching it (and considering it their favorite) grow. (Kidscreen)